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Last year, the German World Day of Prayer Committee collected more than 30 tons of used pens for Syrian girls in Lebanon. The revenue of this campaign made school education and psychological support for many girls possible.  

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, more than one million people have fled to the neighbouring Lebanon. Among them were around 400,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17. Two thirds of them have not seen the inside of a classroom  for years.

This is why the partner organisation of WDP Germany, Beit el-Nour ("House of Light and Hope"), has set up an educational programme that serves around 200 girls. The girls go to school and have a chance to learn in a quiet environment away from the refugee camp, where they face so many hardships. War and terror have severely traumatized most of the girls who were forced to flee their home. At Beit el-Nour they receive psycho-social and pedagogical support too.

True to the theme of World Day of Prayer 2018 from Suriname "God’s Creation is Very Good!", the German World Day of Prayer Committee has launched the recycling campaign "Pens Make Girls Strong". For more than a year, people all over Germany have collected used pens at over 2,000 collection points: in parishes, schools and kindergarten classes, offices, stores, supermarkets, medical clinics, universities, libraries and even at police stations.

The pens all ended up at a recycling company and were converted into watering cans or pen holders. For each pen, the company donated one cent to the World Day of Prayer. The money collected was used to support the educational project of Beit el-Nour. For 450 pens, the equivalent of 4.50 euros, a girl can be provided with school materials. So far, more than 30 tons of pens have been received, which corresponds to the possibility of supporting the education of more Syrian refugee girls. 

- ​Corinna Russow, WDP Germany
<![CDATA[A Sign of Our Hope]]>Wed, 17 Apr 2019 19:41:57 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/a-sign-of-our-hope
Dear friends of World Day of Prayer,

With our sisters from Slovenia, we sang joyfully "Come along, the feast is ready". The song introduced us to the theme based on the Gospel of Luke, chapter 14 - "Come - Everything is ready". The celebration was great. The first feedback about the program I heard was about it being positive and heart-warming. All participants are grateful.

But after the feast, we return to the liturgical time of Lent. In France, the churches invite believers to refocus their lives on God, to become aware of God's place in their lives, family, society, and in the world. There are a lot of conferences and concerts. All of them urge us to move towards the Holy Week - the passing from pain of death to the joy of Resurrection.

Suffering is present in all its forms in our world. Violence is omnipresent. But our conviction as Christians today is to strongly affirm that death, violence and suffering will not have the last word. We proclaim it every time we prayerfully repeat the Confession of our faith that “Jesus died, went down into hell and rose again on the third day”.

We firmly know that death will never have the last word again. That is why we can tirelessly say NO to violence and NO to rape. The Thursdays in Black campaign spearheaded by the World Council of Churches and supported by World Day of Prayer may be a sign of our hope.

Sisters and brothers, I sincerely encourage you to join the movement of spreading hope and say NO to all forms of violence. Together we can bring the changes that our world so desperately needs.

On Easter morning, I wish your heart to be filled with joy as the tomb is found empty in Jerusalem: "Jesus the crucified, is risen, He is risen indeed".

Receive the peace that only God gives!
-​ Laurence Gangloff, WDPIC Chairperson
<![CDATA[A Story of Learning and Growing Together]]>Wed, 03 Apr 2019 12:46:25 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/a-story-of-learning-and-growing-togetherPictureCorinna Harbig, WDP 2019 Slovenia service
“Come, everything is ready” – with the invitation from Luke 14, 15-24, the Word Day of Prayer (WDP) services were celebrated all over the world united by the prayers written by women of Slovenia. On Friday March 1st 2019, the Slovenian women celebrated the 2019 service and the 20th anniversary of the very first WDP service held in Slovenia simultaneously.

In 1999, Ljudmila Smid, a Slovenian migrant worker in Switzerland, first encountered the WDP movement while working there. When visiting with a group of Slovenian migrant workers back home, around the first Friday in March, she took the initiative to organize a local WDP celebration. She encouraged Greta Rothmeier Klancnik to invite some friends in Rogaska Slatina to the first worship. They were inspired by the movement and continued to organize services every year.

In 2001, the first WDP service organized by a German speaking parish was held in the capital, Ljubljana. The two groups connected and expanded their community by inviting women from different parts of Slovenia to a preparatory workshop. By 2002, the service was celebrated in four places and the movement started to grow.

The impact of this new movement was marvelous. For most of the women, it was the first time they could meet other women on an ecumenical level. Together they read the bible and shared their experiences of wisdom, joy and sorrow which lead them to prayer. To have women preparing a worship service, and more than that - an ecumenical service, was innovative in Slovenia. For many women WDP has had an immense impact on their growth in faith and self-confidence. 

Learning annually about a different country from another region of the world has helped to open up their hearts and minds, to widen their horizons and to share their own lives with others. “Informed prayer – prayerful action” moved the groups to identify people in their surrounding areas living in difficult situations and organize help for them.

Being the writer country for 2019 was at the same time a challenge and a gift for the young WDP movement in Slovenia. After three years of hard work, the invitation has spread all over Slovenia - “Come, everything is ready.” The committee raised support for people and groups in need. The movement was officially acknowledged by church authorities. It is growing and celebrations were held in 8 places. They are on the way to being registered as a non-profit organization.

I have been a part of the process since 2001, and at this moment, I am overwhelmed and grateful for the gift of WDP and its impact on the Slovenian women. The little seed planted twenty years ago has grown into a wonderful tree with branches of ecumenical sisterhood, encouragement, and awareness of the responsibility for God’s creation. 

​- Corinna Harbig, former WDPIC chairperson and member of WDP Slovenia
<![CDATA[A Word From Slovenia]]>Mon, 25 Mar 2019 19:27:43 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/a-word-from-slovenia4254831PictureRezka Arnuš and Tanja Povšnar Vrečar, WDP Slovenia
The 2019 WDP theme “Come, everything is ready!” reminds me that we have to answer the invitation each day. The invited had said "Yes" and then, when the time came and their host had gone to great trouble and expense, they turned their backs on him.

Our decision to be faithful to Christian values, build ecumenical relationships, and promote World Day of Prayer is not to be taken for granted. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes it is hard to keep promises. The theme motivates me, as Chairperson of the committee, to use my talents, time and energy for what God has planned.

People all around the world were praying with and for Slovenia. Armenian women in Aleppo, Syria and 3,000 women in South Africa – just overwhelming! I get goose bumps when I imagine that. God was already working and many miracles have happened since the start of the preparations in 2016 in Slovenia.

Being the focus of the WDP program, challenged us to expand our circle, which meant involving people who could help with the writing of the worship service materials and songs, to take pictures that represented Slovenian life, to organize activities, and to promote the celebrations.
As a result, two new WDP local groups were formed and two new children services were celebrated. We hope that more blessings are still to come. Also, we feel ready now to take a new organizational step. We want to grow from an informal WDP committee to a registered legal organization in Slovenia. We feel we can reach out to regions that we are not yet present in and increase participation of young women and new moms.

Our prayers are turning into action through partnerships with different organizations and groups that impact the lives of women and children. A nice relationship grew especially with Home for Mothers and ASPI centre for people with Asperger syndrome. We also are involved with the Trauma Healing project in partnership with Bible Society of Slovenia.

One can see the impact of being a writer country just by realizing how WDP Slovenia is evolving, growing, consolidating, and building communities… like a red carnation flower blossoming from a small bud. 

- Tanja Povšnar Vrečar, WDP Slovenia Chairperson
<![CDATA[The Celebration is Fast Approaching]]>Fri, 01 Feb 2019 14:00:00 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/the-celebration-is-fast-approachingPicture
The WDP women of Slovenia invite us to pray with them. Many communities got together to learn and listen with women from Slovenia. Now, the table is set and the invitations were sent. Who would come?

We pray that we will have the wisdom to live in the moment of the feast and rejoice in it. We pray that our hearts will be ready to receive the invitation of Jesus, an invitation to love each other, and to be welcoming. Here is the challenge that Jesus presents us this year: open the heart to those whom you know nothing about. Will we dare to open the door and welcome whoever in our context is like "the lame, the blind, the crippled and the poor"? (Luke 14:15-24)

The WDP Slovenia committee has been engaged in preparations for the celebration since April 2016. Members of the committee, including current president Tanja Povšnar Vrečar, share with us in excitement:

We want to show Slovenia in all its beauty and needs. We will be present around the world in the prayers, minds and hearts of so many. United in the same prayer, though different languages, we will worship the same God and build this international sisterhood. What a joy to do this all together!

Slovenia is a small country in Europe with a relatively well established economy, with unemployment rates down since the beginning of our WDP worship service material preparation. We have access to education and health services. But still in need to be with God, with our families and with ourselves. We get busy with our lives, forgetting to accept Jesus’ invitation to the feast. Thank you for the reminders. Please, keep us on your list of invitees and let us be the hosts for those who are vulnerable. We wish you a great celebration on the 1st of March!

Jesus’s message of love is radical and it is expected that we – Jesus’ disciples - will put the teaching into practice. We join you in prayers that the Holy Spirit will be at work at the heart of our services and that we will be able to leave our places of celebration feeling blessed for having taken up such a challenge!

We wish you a blessed and happy feast!

- Laurence Gangloff (Chairperson) & Rosângela Oliveira (Executive Director)
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<![CDATA[Poem for Peace]]>Mon, 31 Dec 2018 15:00:00 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/poem-for-peace​As we welcome a new year, we pray that it is filled with joy and peace. We share with you a poem by Rinko Sagara, a 15 year old girl from Okinawa, Japan. The poem was read during an Okinawa Memorial Day ceremony to remember the victims of the Battle of Okinawa. We thank the NCC WDP Committee of Japan for sharing this poem with all of us. 
​Happy New Year!
Poem for Peace: “Live”

I am alive.

Treading the great earth, transmitting the heat of the mantle,

Receiving the wind, impregnated with comfortable dampness, in the whole body,

Sensing the smell of the grass in the nostrils,
Listening to the sound of the sea coming from afar.

I am alive now.

What a beautiful island this is
Where I live!
The sea shining blue,
The wave glittering into splashes, dashing against the rock,

The neighing of a goat,
The babbling of a brook,
The path leading to farmland,
The budding green of the mountain,
The gentle sound of the Sanshin,
The light of the shining sun.

What a beautiful island,
Where I was born and raised!

I feel the island with all my senses and sensitivity.

My heart grows increasingly warm.

I am alive at this moment.
The splendor of this moment,
The affection of this moment,
Becoming a comfort of the now,
Is spreading within me.

How should I express this feeling
That is welling up unbearably?

Dear now,
Irreplaceable now,
The now where I live!

Seventy-three years ago,

​That day my beloved island was transformed into an island of death,

The chirping of birds changed into screams of fear.

The gentle sounding Sanshin disappeared in the roaring of the bombing.

The great expansive blue sky disappeared in the rain of iron.

The smell of the grass was muddied with the smell of the dead,

The surface of the shining sea was filled with battleships.

The flame blowing out from the flamethrower, the crying of small children,

People’s homes burned out, the smell of gunpowder.

The earth shaken by the landing bombs, the sea dyed with blood,

People changing their appearance, becoming like demons and monsters,

Memories of a fierce battle in the screaming and shrieking.

Everyone was alive.

It was life living desperately – nothing different from me,

They imagined their lives, their respective futures,

With no doubt.

They had their families, their friends, and their lovers,

Their jobs, their life values.
They were delighted with their daily little happiness's.

They were the same human beings as I, having lived with others hand in hand.

And yet,

They were destroyed and deprived,

Just because the era they lived was different, only because of that,

Their innocent lives, those days that were lived as ordinary.

The Hill of Mabuni, a gentle ocean expanding under the eyes,

All of this island, sad, and unforgettable.

I firmly grip my hands and swear.

I swear from the bottom of my heart,

With my heart reaching the lives deprived.

So long as I live,

I absolutely will never allow war, which sacrifices so many lives,

Will never, ever make the past a future,

And will aim at a world of peace among all people, beyond nationality, beyond race,

Beyond religion, beyond all kinds of interests,

To live, to be able to cherish life,

To create a world unviolated by anyone,

To never give up the effort to create peace.

​​You will feel, also,

The beauty of this island.

You will know, also,

The sorrow of this island.

And you, also,

Live this same moment as I.

You live together with the now.
Therefore, you must surely understand
The meaninglessness of war, true peace,
Not with your brains, but with your hearts.
There is actually no peace gained

By having the foolish power of military power.
Peace is to live the life of course,
To let life shine in its fullness.

I am alive now,
Together with everyone.
And I will live from now on,
Dearly and carefully day by day,

Thinking of peace, praying for peace,
Because the future is
On the extending line of this moment,
In other words, the future is now!

My favorite island,
A proud people’s island.
And all the lives that live on this island.
I am living my life with me, my friends, my family.
Let’s continue living together from now on also.
From this beautiful homeland surrounded by this blue.

Let’s transmit our message of true peace.
Each person standing up,
Let’s each one of us rise up
And walk the future with everyone.

In the winds of the hill of Mabumi,
My life is ringing, blowing,
The resonance of past, present, and future.
Let the requiem reach the past of sorrow!
Let life reverberate

In the future we live in!
I live in this very now!

(Translated by Rosan Yoshida revised by Erin Davis)
<![CDATA[Welcoming Jesus - the Prince of Peace]]>Fri, 14 Dec 2018 15:00:00 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/welcoming-jesus-the-prince-of-peacePicture
Does Christmas have a special color in your country? In the region where I live, the colors used are mostly red and green, while elsewhere I have seen white or purple. What memories do they bring to you?

We reach the end of the year making plans for the celebration on March 1st 2019 written by women of Slovenia. We set the table, and go out to the streets to invite “Come, everything is ready.” Some will come with their hearts heavy of suffering,   others, anxious for a break from their daily struggles. Together, we will realize that change begins with the recognition of God’s love.

Christmas is the time in which we make room to welcome Jesus, Emmanuel, the Prince of Peace. As Jesus’ witnesses in this frightening world, I hope that we hold the Prince of Peace in our hearts a little longer than the Christmas celebration. I wish the Holy Spirit gives us courage to confess without fear the love of Jesus for all.

Friends of the World Day of Prayer, thank you for your commitment, support and dedication to “Informed Prayer. Prayerful Action”. We had an enthusiastic response to this year’s theme, developed by women of Suriname, who left us, more than before, conscious of our responsibility as caretakers of God’s creation.

"May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in faith" (Romans 15:13)

Merry Christmas and happy, blessed New Year!

- Laurence Gangloff
WDPIC Chairperson
<![CDATA[Human Rights Day!]]>Mon, 10 Dec 2018 16:57:59 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/human-rights-dayPicture
​Today on the last day of the 16 Days of Activism we recognize Human Rights Day!

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the day the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to ensure every human being - regardless of race, color, religion, or sex - is protected through inalienable rights.

We celebrate the anniversary by highlighting a story shared by our Caribbean & North America regional representative, Ruth V. E. Phillips:

“I am a 51 year old pastor who grew up in a Caribbean family which was punctuated with fights and beatings between my grandparents, my aunts and their husbands or boyfriends, my mother and my father, and my mother and my sister’s father. All on my mother’s side of the family. I made up my mind that that would not be me!

"I worked my prayers, and my faith in believing that I must have a life different to the life my grandmother, mother and aunties had, have brought me to where I am today. Praise the Lord. No longer does the abuse happen in my family because I teach my son that love does not strike to cause pain. I teach him by example of the way I live about abuse. I talk it out. I pack the hurt with love. I forgive."

Read the full story on the WCC Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace blog, click here.

<![CDATA[The Invitation Has Been Sent]]>Tue, 20 Nov 2018 18:44:44 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/the-invitation-has-been-sentPictureAustralian Coast, Town of 1770
The Pacific Region is just as diverse in its culture as well as its geographical terrain. The beautiful islands of the pacific are a vast contrast to the inland deserts and plains of Central Australia. 

​WDP Committees across the Pacific are preparing to celebrate World Day of Prayer, Slovenia 2019 - “Come -Everything is Ready!”

The preparations in my region of Australia are well under way. The last Monday of October each year, brings dedicated women, mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters together to pack and distribute the materials for over 200 planned World Day of Prayer services. Programs are printed with the order of service, youth and children’s programs, advertising posters and music sheets and CD’s are packed for distribution.

PictureWDP Packing Day 2018
​Many of these services are held in communities in remote areas, where WDP is welcomed on the first Friday of March as a chance for the community to come together for fellowship. Many services are followed by a feast. This gives the community an opportunity to share and feast on God’s word in an ecumenical setting.

The invitation has been sent, for WDP 2019, just like in Jesus’s parable, Luke 14:15-24. In Jesus’ story many people turned down the invitation to the banquet, because the timing was inconvenient. We too can resist or delay responding to God’s invitation, and our excuses may sound reasonable – work duties, family responsibilities, financial needs, the list could go on. Nevertheless, God’s invitation is the most important event in our lives.

Let’s join in prayer that the invitation for World Day of Prayer, Slovenia 2019, is accepted across our nations, that the banquet table is full, so all can feast on God’s word.

- Vicki Marney, WDPIC Pacific Regional Rep
<![CDATA[50th Anniversary of WDPIC]]>Mon, 05 Nov 2018 15:12:39 GMThttp://worlddayofprayer.net/latest-news/50th-anniversary-of-wdpic
​"The Story of the International Committee for World Day of Prayer" by Eileen King and Helga Hiller is much more than a few pages of history about what led to the creation of an International Committee 50 years ago.
This text was not written by our sisters as an introduction to a future history book on WDP. It is an invitation to participants and leaders of the WDP movement to discover, with gratitude and recognition, the paths taken by our mothers and then to open a space for personal questioning.

I quote: “From the very beginning, women understood that their faith in Jesus Christ motivated and empowered them to find ways for local communities to pray and act together.” Is it still true today in our local groups or communities?
We know how to use Internet, Facebook, and Instagram -- this modern technology that links us to one another. However, isn’t one of our challenges today to overcome indifference, hatred and fear in order to preserve a peace that is becoming increasingly fragile?
My conviction: our mothers were courageous when fighting in a racist, unequal, sexist society.  Let us draw from their experience and dare to take up these new challenges that are opening to us today with joy, conviction, tenacity and creativity.
We encourage you to share the article with your local connections and have a conversation about it.

Download and share the PDF file below. 

You may want to order the poster with WDP themes and countries from 1927 to 2026 to complement the article information for discussions. 
Enjoy reading and then chose one action! 
- Laurence Gangloff, WDPIC Chairperson
The Story of the International Committee for World Day of Prayer
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